Membership Benefits:

  • Group Liability Insurance
  • Working with like minded people.
  • Open days and shows.
  • Regular information, check and diploma days organised
  • Promotion of your business on the website and newsletters
  • Up to date information on hoof trimming methods and equipment
  • Taking part in setting standards for Irish hoof trimming
  • Represented in upcoming legislation in relation to hoof trimming

And much, much more…

By Joining You Agree To Our Code of Conduct:

• Members and their employees will strive to provide the highest standard of care and courtesy to the animals and their clients.
• Standards set by the association are the ‘Dutch’ or equivalent method.
• Maintain high standards of work through;
1. Refresher days and accreditation
2. Improved trimming methods and equipment
Disciplinary offences:
• Serious misconduct of a trimmer in any professional respect,
• Conviction of a trimmer for an offence involving cruelty to animals
• Unethical misconduct e.g. failure, without delay to attend any painful condition that has developed as a result of the foot trimmers work or failure to call the veterinary surgeon.
• All members will have in place suitable insurance to cover public liability, equipment, and personal accident.
• All hoof trimmers will abide by any new regulations brought forward into legislation by Government.
Name: The name shall be; Irish Cattle Foot Trimmers Association [ICFTA]
Objectives and aims:
A. To establish and regulate standards, methods of work
B. To promote the study practice, knowledge of cattle hoof trimming and relay information to its members
C. To help any foot trimmer in the right, who is being wrongly treated
D. To manage any disciplinary matters related to a member of the association
E. To work with other groups e.g. vets, millers for the good of the association

Open to any interested person who abides by the code of conduct of the association.
Full membership:
All professional hoof trimmers, both qualified and trainee.
Associate membership:
Vets, Product companies, Millers, equipment companies, etc.

All applications for membership will be approved by the committee!

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